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A Tribe Called Quest Booked For Kanye West's Nyc Shows

In June, the Blue Samurai became the first team to qualify for the finals but the Italian's position has come under the scrutiny after Japan lost their last two international friendlies in Eastern Europe. "It is a fact that (the team) did not play well but this is not a time to Romario calls on Brazilians to protest during World Cup SAO PAULO (Reuters) - Romario lashed out at the "corrupt thieves" running FIFA and the Brazilian Football Confederation on Wednesday and encouraged his compatriots to protest against corruption during next year's World Cup. The former Brazil striker http://www.wtoc.com/global/link.asp?l=201078&GUID=25371299&Page=MediaViewer&ChannelID=6917 turned Congressman said too much money was being spent on organising the tournament and not enough on the vital infrastructure which Brazil needs. ...
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Kanye West, Abused 'Zoo Animal,' Invites World Into His Sexty Time With Kim Kardashian

But when we return to the car my visibly shaken mom pulls a canister of pepper spray out of the glove compartment and tests it on the ground to make certain it's functioning properly. Years later, in high school, I'm headed to a party in my friend Spencer's convertible. It's a warm Arizona evening, and the hot wind is blowing through our hair; we're laughing and listening to rap music. A gum wrapper from somewhere in the car catches a gust of air and takes flight.
Visit: http://gawker.com/kanye-west-knows-you-think-he-sounded-nuts-on-kimmel-1443710553

| AP Get Entertainment Newsletters: Subscribe Follow: Kanye West , A Tribe Called Quest , A Tribe Called Quest Kanye , A Tribe Called Quest Kanye West , A Tribe Called Quest Yeezus Tour , Kanye A Tribe Called Quest , Kanye West A Tribe Called Quest , Kanye , Yeezus , Yeezus Tour , Entertainment News When Kanye West announced the dates for his upcoming Yeezus tour, his two shows in New York City were hyped to include an unnamed special guest. It was announced Wednesday that said guest is hip-hop group A Tribe Called Quest, made up of Q-Tip, Phife Dawg, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, and Jarobi White. A Tribe Called Quest will join Kanye for his Nov. 20 show at Brooklyn's Barclays Center, as well as his Nov. 24 show at Madison Square Garden.
Visit: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/16/a-tribe-called-quest-opener-kanye-west-nyc-shows_n_4111005.html

New kid on the block Kendrick Lamar came last http://wn.nbc11news.com/global/link.asp?l=201078&GUID=25371299&Page=MediaViewer&ChannelID=6917 with little more than 6% (WENN) And last, but not least, 'Swimming Pools' rapper Kendrick Lamar is the sore loser coming last with just a measly 6.6%, although that shouldn't come as a surprise as while he's certainly the one of the best things to come out of rap in several years, he only released his debut album 'Good Kid, m.A.A.d. City' this year. The Compton rapper claimed he was the "King of New York" and also threatened to steal fans from his competition including Drake, J. Cole and A$AP Rocky.
Visit: http://uk.omg.yahoo.com/news/sorry-kanye-west-eminem-declared-hip-hops-true-143304630.html

And if there was an underlying theme to West's recent, much-lauded appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! , it was that the Yeezus MC views fame as a sort of cage: Celebrities, he said, are "treated like zoo animals" and like "their dreams are not serious." http://investor.netherlandsnews.net/newsnet.netherlandsnews/news/read/25371299/ Then he went on to make his case at enviable length without suffering through the type of pesky follow-up questions an actual journalist might ask, but whatever. As sincere as West sounded on Kimmel when he said he all he cares about is Kim Kardashian andtheir child North West, it's as if he still fails to see there's a paradox between frequent self-exposure and expectation of privacy. The most recent case in point: Kardashian posted a photograph of herself on Instagram in the early-morning hours of October 17 in a rather skimpy bathing suit (hashtag: #nofilter). West responded quickly on Twitter : "HEADING HOME NOW." It's the type of near-sexting, virtual PDA that would be irritating and kinda gross if it were your long-lost high school friends on Facebook.
Visit: http://www.spin.com/articles/kanye-west-kim-kardashian-instagram-privacy-celebrity/

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