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Ellen Page Received Support From Twitter After She Came Out [video]

Tags: page Ellen Page publicly announced that she is gay on Feb. 14 and has received support from celebrities on Twitter after she read more... came out. Jamie King tweeted her support to Page by congratulating her on sharing her light, integrity and truth that is in everyone. He continued by saying that those words were both for her onscreen and off-screen performances. He said go he had great admiration for view website her. Mia Farrow tweeted by saying that she thought Pages speech was eloquent and beautiful. Farrow also attached the article about her speech to her Twitter post. Lance Bass also commented on Pages speech by tweeting that he just watched Page come out and said wow what a speech; he also congratulated her. Jesse Tyler Ferguson said that he loves Page and the message she sent out today.
More http://guardianlv.com/2014/02/ellen-page-received-support-from-twitter-after-she-came-out-video/

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